The night started with an opening from welsh four piece ‘Bronze Age Boats’. However their drummer and bassist had seemed to go walk-abouts so the crowd was left with an acoustic session that wasn’t to everyone’s taste and admittedly was a bit feeble compared to what we’d expect from a band supporting Pretty Vicious. They brought a chilled out vibe, warming us up for an inevitable night of moshing and jumping, but just didn’t hit the spot for me.


We then had a taste of Hull lads ‘Fronteers’ that were actually really good. With dual vocals they brought something new and fresh to the room and really lightened the place up after a dreary opening. They played their new single ‘Its up to me now’ which had quite a unique sound, but has been compared to some of The Beatles’ early stuff which is a huge compliment.


And so the Fronteers had finished and we awaited Pretty Vicious. Not really paying attention we chugged our pints and drank our shots, on a rainy night in Newport, on a Thursday, on a school night. We got carried away and then came the scream of a girl, we turned and saw the boys jump on stage and dive straight into ‘It’s always there’ and it all kicked off. For about an hour and a half there was continuous mosh pits, fighting and the throwing of anyone who got in the way, and it was absolutely wicked. Pretty Vicious brought the not so fancy roof down with all of their singles and unreleased songs as per usual. They even got the fat, bald bouncer known only as ‘Dai’ bopping his head to the ever present synthetic bass of Jarvis during ‘Are You Ready For Me’, which truly is an achievement. We could sense the night coming to a close and so gathered the crowd of strangers and all agreed to invade the stage come the last song. And so ‘Are You Entertained’ came, we all gave each other the look, I followed my friend onto the stage only to look back and realise no-one else was coming, we jumped around for a mere 10 seconds until Dai swiftly dumped us off the stage and left me with a nasty bruise on my knee, but it was all worth it.

All in all, Bronze Age Boats warmed us up, Fronteers got our feet tapping and Pretty Vicious got us dripping with sweat. The night was one to remember, especially considering the gig was above a swimming pool.  It’s no doubt Pretty Vicious are the next big thing to come out of Wales after the likes of Stereophonic’s and Super Furry Animals.

I’ve included Fronteers new single and some of Bronze Age Boats better stuff, as well as Pretty Vicious’ new single ‘Are You Ready For Me’, if you haven’t already listened to it, I strongly advise you do! Enjoy.