On Saturday the 29th August, I headed over to the NME/BBC Radio 1 tent in the clear skied city of Reading. The walk wasn’t long, considering I’d just been entertained by Royal Blood at the main stage. It was my first time seeing Catfish, and I didn’t know what to expect. There was something in the back of my head telling me they’re going to be more boy-bandy and a bit corny, but I was so wrong.

Me and my girl friend proceeded to ‘bolt’ about 5 cans of lager each just outside of the tent to try and liven the mood up, but it didn’t seem to work… Just after they played their opener ‘Home sick’, the alcohol kicked in and it became a night to remember.

As the darkness ensued, which didn’t make much of a difference considering we were in a tent, mine and Daisy’s social skills improved drastically and we made friends all around us. I flung my arm around a lad from Kent next to me, to which his friend asked “who’s the boy?” and he replied “don’t know”. But that’s just the beauty of music, it brings everyone together around you no matter what.

Catfish and the Bottlemen were one of the most lively and interacting bands I’ve experienced out of all of the gigs I’ve been to. You could feel their energy in the crowd, and lead singer Van McCann was truly humbled by the turn out the band received, just over a thousand I’d guess. However emotions did not affect the performance and it was near enough perfect, the whole tent was bouncing, with even those not familiar with the songs jumping just because they could.

The musical aspect of the band was truly out of this world, with guitar, bass and drums harmonising perfectly and all at the same time putting on a show that sent everyone wild, they truly deserve every success they get. Admittedly at this point I can’t remember much of the night, as I was rather drunk, but what I can remember is singing my heart out with what seemed millions of others, and for me that’s all that matters.

I hope to see them soon, unfortunately missing them when they played at the students union in October, but that doesn’t matter as I’m sure they’ll be in Reading this year. With saying that i expect their in the process of writing a new album so they may take a year out, but I do hope to see them at Reading 2016. I’ve included the link for their show at Reading, as well as some of their best songs. Keep posted for my next review shortly, thanks.