The Irish foursome look to tear London apart this Monday (01/02/16) in The Garage, a notorious venue that has had the likes of Kasabian, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Muse, Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Oasis rock the stage. The gig will take place in the main room which has a capacity of around 600, not too shabby.

The Strypes were among NMEs hottest bands in 2013, and have been progressing through the years. What started out as a blast from the past with their 1960s-esque style, has now moulded into a modern, rock sound. Many of their fanbase have commented on the disappointment of Arctic Monkeys newest album ‘AM’ and how The Strypes’ ‘Little Victories’ has filled that vast hole. I can’t disagree, with tracks like ‘Get into it’ and ‘Queen of the Half Crown’, they have upped their game and taken some of the short-lived limelight from ‘AM’. I mean, obviously they are no means bigger than Arctic Monkeys (unless your from Japan) but their new album is what Arctic should’ve been looking to achieve.

Strangely, The Strypes have a huge fan base in Japan, they really can’t get enough of them over there, they’ve even just finished their tour in Japan-so strange. At the moment the band isn’t very popular over here, with their Instagram account having a mere following of 10k. That said, their show in London has sold out so it looks to be a good night with their music becoming more popular.

Their sound isn’t quite hard rock, but it’s not soft enough to stand there and simply enjoy, so I’m stuck in a predicament whether to mosh or sort of, half heartedly bounce? with the influence of alcohol looming, there will probably be a mixture of the both during the show.

The Amazons are quality, their songs start off catchy, soft and then all end with killer guitar riffs that call for major pits that I’m sure will be promoted on Monday. They’ve only got four songs at the moment, and I bought their debut EP ‘Don’t You Wanna’ for a mere £3.96. If they keep on producing songs of the same calibre, their guaranteed a long career in music.

They’ve also got personality as well. In a short conversation with them on Twitter, I offered to buy them a five star gourmet Wetherspoons, to which they accepted so it’s now a date! I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to talk to them after they play, and will be sure to include any conversation in my review of the night.

Until then, enjoy some of their songs I’ve linked at the bottom of this post, I’ve even found a video of The Strypes playing in Tokyo, how ironic. Enjoy your weekend do drugs- I mean don’t do drugs.