We successfully survived the never-ending bus journey from sunny South Wales, and found ourselves on a tube to Kings Cross. We threw our bags across the hotel room, and got on a train to Highbury, in what we knew would be a good night with The Strypes.

We got to the barrier after what seemed the longest wait ever. The venue seemed…alright, the only downside really was the barrier. I went to the bar in hope to buy a reasonably priced pint, and came back with a Tuborg costing me £4.35, my wallet couldn’t believe it either. Strangely, before we actually entered the venue we were patted down by a bouncer, at first I broke a sweat considering I’d just stuffed four shots under the waist band of my underwear. To my surprise he completely missed the four abnormal bulges along the bottom of my t-shirt and I was good to go.

So the first band on were called Otherkin… maybe? I can’t really remember, nor can I say I was paying attention because they sounded like U2, so I just shut off. This, and the fact the lead singers mouth was opening wider than, well anything I’ve ever seen before. The guitar was good though.

The Amazons were really who we were waiting for. Despite the fact we’d came to see The Strypes, the crowds of fan girls were really turning us off the idea that The Strypes were even about rock. This opinion was further supported when we over heard these girls listing all of the members dates of births, and how they’d created an actual ‘StrypesFanBase’ Twitter page, just why. Anyway, The Amazons came on and they were awesome, playing all of their released songs apart from ‘Millions (The Party)’. Their guitar riffs did not disappoint at all, and during the middle eight, if you like, of ‘Junk Food Forever’ the both of us went to the middle of the floor where the real action was happening, and started a deathly mosh pit. The supporting act were more like the headliners and properly killed the set, well done The Amazons! Oh, we stole their setlist and guitar picks too.

amazon 2
‘The Amazons’ Matty warming up

The Strypes would’ve have been really good if it wasn’t for a number of things. We were stuck next to a barrier full of fan girls that kept screaming, crying and texting throughout the whole gig, which was off putting to say the least. This, combined with the fact that the bassist not handling his drugs at all as he flew about the stage with his jaw unhinged, occasionally bumping into the lead singer made it all slightly unenjoyable. They were very good, don’t get me wrong. But the whole set was just so weird, the drummer had leather gloves and glasses on…

The songs they played were good, and totally lived up to the standards of their album ‘Little Victories’, but for future references, I’d probably advise them not to take drugs prior to the gig, or at least learn how to handle them. That said, I could be completely wrong and they could’ve really just been enjoying the music they were playing. But, with pupils the size of golf balls, and gurns reaching as far as Hackney (we were in Islington) it’s hard to think that they were not under the influence of drugs. You can make your own decision about this with the picture of the bassist I’ve included at the bottom of the review, be warned, it does resemble something similar out of ‘The Excorcist’.

The first set of NME awards in London went down alright, if you forgot about some of the weird things that were going on. The Strypes were obviously really good, and their music without a doubt was out of this world, especially some of their older songs as these were the one’s that really played on the use of their guitars. The Amazons were quality and I really hope they come to Cardiff soon. We managed to find our way home safely without being pulled into some sort of drug/prostitution scandal so the night can generally be seen as successful. The next day we went to see Vant at The Lexington, and it was insane. I’ll be writing about that soon, but for now..