Went to watch the mighty Spring King in February, and it was pretty sick. The night started with the obligatory Wetherspoons, and a couple of Desperados.

Prior to this, my girlfriend hadn’t really liked Spring King. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but she didn’t. She even went as far as to call them “bland” and “shit”. And considering I was literally dragging her to come and see them, she wasn’t too enthusiastic. But the offer of a brunch burger and beer clearly proved too much to refuse. Yet again, we turned up two hours early, and found ourselves sat in a pub full of people who had just finished work in their suits, with us feeling completely out of place in our docs, baggy clothes and obscene t-shirts.

We were waiting outside when a half cut Scottish guy came up to us explaining that he’d lived here for “fucking years” and had “five bastard children”, quite the norm for Womanby Street. Slowly, we began to notice the area outside The Moon Club slowly fill with other degenerate, bizarrely dressed teenagers, with the occasional twenty something year old sporting a goatee and flared jeans.

So Spring King’s support act was some weird,edgy band called Fews from Sweden. They were cool. Their bassist and drummer were more than your stereotypical, nine foot tall, long haired, vest wearing Scandinavians. But their music was pretty sick, some of which included five minute long guitar riffs, which were quite unnerving after a while. But they were good, and I’ve included a link to one of their songs at the bottom.

During the interlude between Fews and Spring King I went to the toilet, and found myself in the urinal next to Spring Kings bassist James, I think. So that was pretty cool maybe? Anyway, when Spring King came on everyone was pretty hyped and got straight into their set. Some old guy went absolutely crazy when “City” came on. This guy was casually, or violently, swinging his fists in a spiral of destruction in the middle of the floor. It was weird as fuck, and what was even more weird was that he was at least 55. He caught this girl clean on the forehead, which was fucked up. A mosh pit started, and a pair of hands dragged him into the depths of sweat.

Spring King were awesome. Their recorded music in no way compares to their live sound. They had so much energy, and they even brought songs like “In all the murk and dirt” literally to life. Their probably the best performers, musically and physically, that I’ve seen so far, which is saying something considering I’ve followed Slaves a lot.

At the point of seeing them, I only knew a few songs, but I have since invested in Spotify and heard a whole lot more! And whats even better, is that their album drops this Saturday (10.06.16). So I’d definitely recommend you to see them, especially if you like good fkin music. I’ll also be seeing them at Truck Fest in July, Reading Fest in August ( they’ve managed to get a slot at the NME stage, which is wicked) and in London during October some time I think. I’ve included some links to their music, so make sure you give it a listen.

Last note, after the gig the band hung around and we had a chat to them and their really cool. Considering they were dripping in sweat, they were hugely down to earth and friendly, and even signed my vinyl, so what more could I ask for.

Peace out duuuuuuddddeeezzzz

UPDATE; It’s 18/10/16, I’ve just found this blog saved in my drafts, and it’s made me smile considering it was written so long ago. I’ve since been to see Spring King in all the events mentioned, apart from their gig in Koko which is next Friday. I’ll be sure to write a blog post about the event in the coming months (thumb emoji).