On the 4th November, Jaws released their second album “Simplicity”, boasting an entirely unique sound. Stopping off at The Dome, Tufnell Park, the band showcased their new songs.

The venue was fairly big- a room with a huge floorspace. Dimly lighting the room were disco lights you’d find at your Year 6 disco, but they perfectly suited the ambience Jaws had brought with them.

They opened with “Just a Boy”, an obvious favourite, reflected in the crowds reaction. Just a Boy is unlike anything you’ve heard before. The soft guitar that carries the start is intermittently broke up twice with a heavy guitar, only to then move onto a more smooth melodic tune that neatly sews the track together.

A song that brought a whole lot of life with it was “Stay in”. Although it starts very slow, the crowd was gripped from the beginning. What was created in effect was a of wave of music physically hitting the floor. There was tension built up over two minutes or so, powerfully released when the band dropped the middle eight with light-hearted guitar riffs, accentuated by the heavy percussion.

Mid-way through, one of their best and most distinctive songs, “17”, was displayed. 17 definitely has a slight 90s feel to it. It’s low key resounding is matched with a feeling of euphoria, and this was exploited to its fullest whilst played live. It’s the sort of song you’d associate with ecstasy-just better. The song is given its vibrance through the consistent and superb use of sampling, a theme familiar with Jaws.

What was clear with Jaws was the effort that goes into their music, live and recorded, to harmonise every single sound. The drummer used some sort of mixer to combine recorded sound with the live music. The mixture was congruous, creating an almost heavenly sound throughout.

Jaws are indeed an individual band that have attracted large attention. Their sound often mimics a 90s feel but at the same time accompanies something new. The combination of sampling with raw instrumental is something that makes them unique.

Jaws will definitely go on to do big things.