Well, “Are You Ready For a Dance”? The Fused, four piece band from Cardiff certainly are. They’ve been showcasing a lineup of small gigs on the cobbles of Womanby Street for the past few months, and their definitely kicking up a fuss in the world of indie-music.

“Are You Ready For a Dance” is reminiscent of the good days when Arctic Monkeys were producing some of their best music.

Its fast paced start grips you with a slight head bop that stays throughout, you just can’t help yourself. The ever present light, but definite high-pitched guitar carries the song, supported by a brisk but present bass line that balances it all out.

This carries on until a mess of music combines at the chorus which probably stirs up a fairly heavy mosh pit, only to fall back to its humble beginnings, really fucking you over, but in a good way.

The song gets better. It slows down putting the limelight on a blues-style bass riff thats irresistible, interrupted by a sketchy lead guitar lick. It all adds up to produce some pretty catchy music.

I can see the kind of vocals The Fused are trying to get at here, a sort of muffled radio sound. But personally, I don’t think it works as the sound almost drowns it out, especially as the bass is so dominant in this part. But with that in mind, it bodes well in maintaining the sort of style the band are going for.

The Fused are bringing big things with their music, and I’m sure that if you haven’t heard of them yet, you will by the start of 2018.

Give the track a listen and let me know what you think.