South Wales band Amber have recently released their single, “Dublin”, and it’s nothing short of a belter.

What’s particularly interesting about this song is the mis-match of vocals to music. You wouldn’t necessarily think that the vocals were going to be so high-pitched if you’d just listened to the start. But, through the old-style vocals, the band has effectively brought back a 70s style rock which currently is highly sought after, even if they didn’t meant too.

Amber are aiming for a mid-indie sound, but not wanting to sound too soft, probably referring to the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, whose music although catchy, just lacks presence.

Bassist Sam Adams says: “we don’t want to be too heavy”. But this is how the song opens, and they shouldn’t change anything about it. The presence of the lead guitar and bass here are uncompromising, dominating not only the intro, but the whole song.

Amber obviously have talented musicians, with their percussion harmonising perfectly with deep bass sounds- nailing what a band needs to do. This leaves room for the lead guitar to essentially do its own thing, and boy does it do this.

With the middle eight, comes an out of this world guitar lick. I often find that bands’ middle eight goes slightly off topic, but Amber have perfected a different scope of music that at the same time fits in to the rest of the track- a paradox, almost.

Although the vocals are not to my complete taste, I couldn’t picture this song with anything else now just because it gels so well.

It is clear from the music video that all members are really getting into it. But I couldn’t help noticing the stiffness of the drummer. He may need a bit of a kick up the arse…or a line, to get him on the same level as the others, and just let loose. But, I’m sure this will come with time and confidence.

I’m going to be the first one to call it and compare “Dublin” to that of Led Zeppelin’s work, mainly because of the vocals, but at times the music itself is also similar.

Amber will be playing at The Moon Club in Cardiff on February 2nd, supporting The Blinders as part of the notorious ‘This Feeling’, so make sure you get down there and show some support.

I’ve included a link to “Dublin”, so let me know what you think.