Coming out of hibernation, the band Drenge in December 2016 put on a show in Cardiff. From watching back videos of it, the night looked grunge, if I can even say that?

Unfortunately, I can’t remember any of it. So, I’ll just have to try my best to revive the brain cells that fell into the can of a Wetherspoons 9.1% bengali IPA.

Drenge did what they do best, lighting up the venue with deep baselines and patchy guitar.

Songs like “The Snake” were the best, purely for the hard-hitting licks that send your skeleton rattling. And, considering Clwb is about as big as my nan’s living room (not very),  The Kooks could probably achieve this with their not-so-rocky music. So in comparison, Drenge’s music was like an intense Kooks hotbox, multiplied by a hundred.

They played a few new songs, of which I couldn’t tell you what they sounded like. What I do know is that they were good. And, you don’t need my approval. DRENGE ARE MAKING NEW MUSIC, WHICH MEANS A NEW ALBUM. That’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

I did manage to buy a poster with the famous ‘Home Alone’ scene. But, instead of Macaulay Culkin’s pre-meth face gracing it, the band members replicated the iconic cover. I got it signed, which was pretty cool.

What was even more cool, was that I got to speak to the band after it. What wasn’t very cool, was that lead singer Eoin drew all over my jacket in sharpie.

Fuck you Eoin.