Coming off the back-end of a hectic 2016 summer full of festival slots and a headline tour, The Magic Gang are set to release a third EP.

It’s been just a few months since the band gave us their second EP, “The Second EP From”. Yet, the quartet have obviously been working hard, giving us a snippet of what’s to come in January with single, “How Can I Compete”.

Despite the bands innovative, and creative musical talents, their third EP title follows a clear trend- It’s called: “EP Three”.

What the band lacks in literary talent, they make up for in raw musical aptitude. Who cares what the EPs are called anyway. Bands like Catfish and The Bottlemen try and come up with edgy album titles, but it doesn’t stop their music from being shit.

The new EP has four tracks:

  • Hotel Apathy
  • How Can I compete
  • No One Else
  • Life Without You

The Magic Gang are already set to appear at various festivals this summer including Truck Festival and The Great Escape. Their Spring tour starts on the 28th April, stopping in London on the 12th of May.

Photo Credit: (Paul Hudson. License under Creative Commons.)