A tweet from The Amazons has got me very excited. They’ve announced the release date of their self-titled debut album, set for the June 2nd of this year.

The band has been on a relentless spring tour, already playing 13 venues, with another 7 ahead of them. The tour has been nothing short of a success, with all 20 venues sold out. They even played a library in Coventry, a bit of a middle finger to conventionalism.

Coventry Tribe

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Pretty Vicious has been teasing us with the prospect of an album for the past two years. Considering their music is the absolute dogs bollocks, it pains me to wait even one more second without a new Pretty Vicious song. The constant tweets sent out about the band telling of new things to come “very soon”, despite the lack of the very thing they proclaim, has not made me lose any faith in them. Probably because they’re Welsh and I’m biased, but I just know the wait will definitely be worth it.

The last thing that graced our ears from PV was their single, “Blister”. The album is definitely set to come out this year, but when exactly that is, is unknown.

Blister cover art. Via Twitter.












Recently, I came across a group called The Vryll Society. On listening to them, I couldn’t believe how a 21st century band had grasped such a 70s feel. It’s plain psychedelic rock, with cute twangs and lots of synthetics.

They’ve just released a single titled, “Sacred Flight”. After doing a little bit of digging around, I’ve found that they’re about to go into hiding and record their debut album, in this interview.

Before they hibernate, they’re in London on March 24th, playing at the Camden Assembly.


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