The Fused has released two more songs following their debut track, ‘Are You Ready for a Dance’, and they’ve really upped their game.

Following an early release cock-up, the latest single, Take It or Leave Me, includes a self-titled song, along with B-side track, ‘Familiar State’. Both of which boast new, more vicious styles compared to the band’s old stuff.

Frontman Ellis Dyer asked me what I thought of “Take It or Leave me”, and the first thing that came to mind was Pretty Vicious. The song builds up, eventually leading to a mashup of music that bodes really well. It’s kind of apocalyptic, which is ironic as rhythm guitarist, Ollie Dixon says: “we’ve spent a lot of time on these tracks”, showing the extent to which the single is a make or break for their new style, and possibly on the verge of an apocalyptic blow up for the band.


“I’m everything you don’t want me to, take it or leave me.” The thing is, the song itself is everything I want it to be, but the signing isn’t. I’m not really familiar with the style of singing, and on listening to it I wasn’t too keen. However, after listening to it a few times, I’m going to take it. The vocals are really unique. They’ve got a certain something that doesn’t necessarily blend, but after a while you couldn’t imagine anything else but the very thing. It’s a damn good song.

“Familiar State” couldn’t be more different from the first track. It opens up with strong 80s guitar, the likes of which you’d find at the start of a Joy Division song. The lyrics are humble, and transverse this in the pitch. I think what The Fused have done here is leave their comfort zone of hard-rock and loud guitar, and go for something more discreet, something I totally respect. But, I think the regular vocals are much better suited to the style the band normally take – outright blowing the crowd away with punk-style singing and raucous instrumentals.

The band have obviously worked hard in creating these two new songs. Ellis says: “We’ve started writing songs we believe a lot more in than what we used to write”, signs that the band are serious about what they do.

“The lyrics especially in these two new songs are more honest. We’re not splitting anytime soon, the boys have got another year in college, so hopefully there will be a lot more to come.”


The Fused are strong advocates of keeping Womanby Street alive and running. The street has recently been attacked by the prospect of the Wetherspoon, ‘Gate Keeper’, opening a hotel above its restaurant. This would mean noise restraints, and the eventual closure of the various independent and alternative clubs along the worn-down cobbles. Womanby Street has the likes of ‘Clwb Ifor Bach’ and ‘The Moon Club’, some of which have presided there for over 30 years.

They’re supporting local venue ‘Buffalo Bar’ on April 19th. Tickets are £2, so there’s no excuse for you not to get down there and support a grassroots band, that sometime in the future may be charging £30 for a seated arena spot.

The night has support from Amber and Al Moses.

You can listen to Take It or Leave Me here: