Whilst scrolling through Twitter, I saw that brand-new band, Social Contract, had just been announced as support for Jaws in April, at Scala.

It turned out that they were also playing their first ever gig in Shoreditch venue, ‘The Old Blue Last’ – a ten minute walk from me. What was even better, was that the gig was free.

The Old Blue Last is your typical overpriced pub/music venue, packed full of rich kids and people who don’t bat an eyelid at the bar staff when told their pint costs £5. Funnily enough, you’ll see the same scene across the city.

There was a nice little space upstairs for bands to play, if you could get past the stairs that were seemingly made for people to break their neck on. But, credit where it’s due, the Old Blue is keeping alive the Shoreditch music scene with such authenticity, in what is sure to be tough times for an area looming with the stench of gentrification.

After watching Indigo Child fuck about with a synthesiser for 45 minutes, Social Contract finally graced the stage.

The band has a distinct style, infusing alternative 80s sound similar to The Smiths, with more modern twists, that you could compare to Blaenavon. 

Throughout the night, strong and energetic vocals that boasted a broad range of pitch, backed what was light, but strong melodic guitar. The percussion especially, carried through every song, and was decisive in the underlying style of the band.

For a first ever show, they were overly professional, and frighteningly stage confident.

It’s hard to pinpoint and talk about each song played that night, as they currently only have one released to reflect on, “Citizen.” It’s so catchy that I’ve listened to it at least 10 times since it’s release – just seven days ago.

Social Contract are definitely one’s to watch. With a write up from DIY Magazine already, and support slot for Jaws in Scala on what is to be just their third show, the band can only go on to better, and bigger things.

Here’s their first singe, “Citizen”: