Tame Impala are a psychedelic pop/rock trio from Perth, Australia. Back in 2007, Kevin Parker created the band as a home project. He probably didn’t expect that eight years later he’d be coming off the back-end of a relentless tour, four albums, and a shit tonne of recognition.

If you listen to the band’s first album InnerSpeaker (2010), and most recent Currents (2015), you’d struggle to find a resemblance. Over the course of five years, the band has settled into a modern sound, ditching their early 70s vibe. Much to the disappointment of myself, and probably many others.

Tame Impala playing La Riveria, July 13, 2013. Photo Credit ( Alive87 )

“Desire Be Desire Go” has that classic three-piece percussion sound to it, that mimics every 70s song ever.

It’s weird, the song dips in and out of different styles throughout, but always returns to this really sweet muffled electric guitar sound, that’s obviously been perfected with a synth board.

I don’t even know what this song is supposed to be about. The lyrics reveal absolutely nothing, and sometimes you’ll even forget they’re there with such good music.

The nicely fitted middle-eight towards the end entwines a sort of, bleak, nervous sound, with the monotonous symbol maintaining the raw music that Tame Impala once possessed.

The song itself doesn’t actually end. Instead, it’s nicely phased out, leaving you with the pleasant sound still stuck in your head long after it’s finished.

“Desire Be Desire Go” has just finished playing, and Spotify has rolled over into the next song. “Desire” by Years & Years has started to play, you can keep that.